About Us

Our Story

A Quintessential Startup

Founded in 2006 by the husband and wife team of Tom and Jenny Becherer, Delta Bridge was a quintessential startup operating out of the basement of their Virginia home with just $25,000 in personal savings. Tom – with a background in the aerospace industry and the defense and intelligence communities – knew that a small, agile firm like Delta Bridge could provide integrated off-the-shelf technology solutions that were faster, better and cheaper than those offered by larger, established aerospace companies.

Having focused in our early years on rapidly building and deploying mission-critical systems into remote, austere and often hostile environments, Delta Bridge has grown into a leading commercial communications systems integrator and consulting firm with a 75-employee team that operates over 1,000 network installations across more than 30 countries.

Now in our second decade, Delta Bridge, Inc. was purchased by PAE on 20 November 2020. Yet even with a diverse and growing portfolio and our global reach – offering more than 1,000 integrated systems to nearly 100 customers with some $150 million in sales to date – we’re still driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit that inspired us to start Delta Bridge in 2006: to deliver faster, better and cheaper solutions that secure our customers’ success – anytime, anywhere.

Our Team

We Served Where You Work

The vast majority of our 75 employees are proud veterans – including combat veterans – of our armed forces and the intelligence community. We served in the Special Forces, in diplomatic security and as communications specialists, engineers, technicians, construction managers and logisticians in some of the most inhospitable places on earth. We know that our customers depend on our mission-critical technologies, because our lives once depended on them, too.

In most cases, we deploy and operate shoulder-to-shoulder with our military, intelligence, diplomatic and commercial customers in the field. We will go anywhere, anytime to help our customers succeed.

Our Mission

Your Success

At Delta Bridge, our mission is to help our commercial and government customers succeed with a diverse portfolio of more than 1,000 integrated systems, including: secure, reliable international communications services and support; leased bandwidth services; cyber security and network monitoring; cloud-based data storage and management; and construction management and logistics support around the world.

Our Approach

Fast, Flexible, Focused

As a lean, nimble, privately-held company, Delta Bridge is not encumbered by the bureaucracy and quarterly-earnings mentality of our larger, publicly-traded competitors. We take risks that other companies can’t or won’t assume. Because all our program managers have a direct line to our CEO, decisions are made swiftly and executed rapidly. Because we’re a systems integrator, we understand the very latest technology – if it exists, we’ll find it; if it doesn’t, we’ll build it.

Because we’re agile, we can often deliver most capabilities – even hard-to-find products – to our customers the very same day; if not, then the next. Oftentimes, we can buy, build, design and deliver the immediate solutions our customers need before the ink on the contract is dry.

We lean forward, deploy fast, adapt quickly if customer requirements change and we don’t rest until the mission is accomplished. Put simply, we do what our competitors can’t or won’t – and we do it faster, better and cheaper. That’s the Delta Bridge Difference.

Our Global Reach

Anytime, Anywhere

From our headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, multiple operational sites in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and through our Global Partnership Network, Delta Bridge has supported nearly 100 commercial and government customers with more than 1,000 integrated systems at nearly 500 installations in the United States and more than 30 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and with a growing presence in Latin America.

In most cases, we deploy and operate shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers in some of the most remote, austere and challenging environments on earth.

We will go anywhere, anytime to help our customers succeed.

Customer Focused

Immediate Solutions for Your Urgent Needs

At Delta Bridge, our customers always come first, and everything we do is focused on one goal – their success. We recognize that our commercial, military, intelligence and diplomatic customers often have urgent needs that demand immediate solutions. That’s why we often deliver most capabilities – even hard-to-find products – to our customers the very same day; if not, then the next.

Many other companies push a single solution or vendor. At Delta Bridge, we listen to our customers’ unique requirements and then focus on delivering the tailored solutions that actually meet their needs and budget. We’re not simply trying to win a contract, we build relationships for the long-term, and we are grateful that more than 90 percent of our customers have been with us since our very first years.